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Immigration lawyer will utilize the latest information on Immigration Law on relevant visas and offer follow-up services after visa acquisition. We will respond to the various needs at each business stage of our customers, from venture to listed companies.

Full support in English

Immigration lawyer who have experiences in living abroad will provide all services in English, from the first consultation to the actual application process. We believe that we will be able to go through the procedures smoothly by communicating directly with the foreigners who apply for the visa.

Partial Service possible

Other than long-term contracts, we also offer partial contracts for specific services that our customers require and stepwise consultations. Such services are very useful for customers who only require one visa application or one-time visa consultation. You can flexibly choose the service on your individual circumstances and needs.

First consultation free

In the first free consultation, we will explain the general flow of visa application process and the precautions on the procedure. We will also carefully assess the customer's needs and consultation contents. On that basis, we will offer a separate quotation if the customer requires specific procedures, and the consultation can start after the customer agrees to use the service.

Price transparency

We will try our best to understand your business and provide only the services that you really need at reasonable rates. In our quotation, we provide the breakdown of each cost and provide sufficient explanation on the service contents, so customers can consider our offers with confidence. We never charge anything that are not agreed in the quotation.

A one-stop system, what make us unique!

In addition to Visa Concierge Japan, Shimada & Associates group also operates international tax accountant offices in Japan and Singapore. Our international tax accountants who are familiar with the tax treaty between the two countries will provide advices on tax handling and other tax-related procedures for customers who have overseas transactions. Since we are also working with judicial scriveners, we can provide a one-stop service that ranges from company establishment to accounting and taxation matters.


Visa Consulting Services

We engage in different types of consulting services related to visa acquisition. Based on the recent state of affairs in the field of immigration, we give advice that suits our customers’ individual circumstances.

Visa Application Services

We provide all-round support for complicated procedures such as preparation of documents, application procedure and visa acquisition in the visa application process, so that visas can be obtained smoothly according to the purpose.